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Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Hi Tom,
Good to have you in the group!
I have owned a SONY SW1 for many years.
It is a great little radio. I use it with an external
tuned ferrite rod antenna. Gary will confirm
whether it qualifies as an uldx receiver.

Have you ever had a problem with the audio?
Failure of two capacitors in the audio section
is common in this model, but it is not too difficult
to replace them.


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I would like to say hello to the group.
My name is Tom, SQ5RIX
I live in Warsaw, Poland.
Radio has been an important facet of my life for more than 40 years.
On the ham side, I am a QRP CW and digital op.
Currently, one of my radios is the venerable Sony ICF-SW1 -
do you think it is eligible for Ultralight? The only caveat: it is quite hard to get these days.
73 Tom

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