Re: Polydoroff, what went wrong?-FARMERIK

Everett N4CY


I will be interested in your results with this configuration. Once you are happy with its performance you may want to rewind it with Litz wire, as it will make tuning even sharper and the rotation nulls also sharper too. 

Everett N4CY

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One new log on the 4 coil Polydoroff, I was able to easily separate WMCA in NYC 130  miles from WSYR in Syracuse NY 215 miles  both on 570 KHz good enough for listening. They are about 60 degrees apart from my location. Not much time for DXing the last few days. There was a weak signal under WSYR which may be a station in Ohio also on 570 WKBN about half way in between the direction of those other two stations from here, but 441 miles away. All three are 5KW night power stations. I should really try to ID that one. If the 4 coil Polydoroff will separate only 30 degrees well enough for DXing, that would be very good. - FARMERIK

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