1566-China (Yanbian Jammer) Information

Gary DeBock

For those interested, here is some further information on the 1566-Chna (Yanbian Jammer) station operating to interfere with HLAZ. This is from Chris Kadlec in Seoul, S. Korea, and was originally posted in a Facebook group.
Gary DeBock Hello Chris, The Chinese jammer on 1566 kHz (targeting HLAZ) is located in Yanbian, according to Alan Davies and Mauno Ritola. This location is very close to Korea, and is the same as the 1206 kHz transmitter location that CRI uses for its Korean language programs. The 1566-Jammer was first heard here in Washington state mixing with HLAZ during an April DXpedition to the ocean coast.
Chris Kadlec Ah, thanks! No surprise there. I know that they were using actual stations to jam FEBC, but I wasn't so sure if they had a real jammer operating. They clearly don't want the community hearing FEBC, though I've never heard them jamming Korean programming, which seems like a more likely threat. Then again, FEBC is kinda powerful on my end, and the jammer likely isn't nearly as powerful. 1206 is Yanbian News Radio now actually, while CRI is 1323 in Huadian. I have a clip online from last week of 1323's sign-on here actually: http://www.beaglebass.com/dx/external/1323_Sign_on.mp3 and 1206 Yanbian just came back on the air after what appears to have been an absence. I started AM DXing here a month and a half ago after 6 years of FM DXing (had no AM radio here at the time) and 1206 was Jiangsu Story Radio until Saturday suddenly.

The current AM band looks like this in Seoul (color coding includes stations I am working on as it's not 100% finished at the moment): http://www.beaglebass.com/dx/external/AM_Bandscan_120115.pdf
Chris Kadlec Oh yes, this is certainly Yanbian! Much thanks for that information. Both 1206 and 1566 have been off for the past 6 weeks or more since I started my AM bandscan project. I noted both of them on in the past week again, so the entire tower was clearly off the air for some time and now back at the same time. Both stations are in the direction of Yanbian and Jilin. Here's a recording of 1566 from 12/1/15 0008 local time. (UTC+9). It's in the null of a weaker-than-normal FEBC, weaker because it is directional to the west and airing Chinese, allowing Yanbian to slip in from the other side. After they turned north at 1am, that jammer was gone (65dBu FEBC makes sure of it), but I suspect the jammer signs off with 1206 at 0105 anyway.


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