Re: Eton E100 "Equivalent"

Gary DeBock

Hi Gary and Kevin,
     Both the SRF-T615 and the E100 have image reception issues, but the E100's image problem is more severe.  On the E100, the image of local KSUH-1450 sounds almost as strong on 540 as the station does on 1450.  The SRF-T615 receives the same image, but at a reduced level.
     The SRF-T615, however, has more spurious and overloading issues, which are like poison to a transplant.  Spurious signals, mixing products and selectivity overloads are all magnified by a transplant, making the SRF-T615 a poor choice for a huge loopstick.  The E100, with the exception of its nasty image issue, has a very selective and generally well-behaved receiver.  As such, it would be a logical choice for a mega-loopstick, assuming that one doesn't have multiple locals 1440 and above.  As the most selective stock Ultralight, even with a huge loopstick, it would handle strong locals far better than the SRF-T615.
                                                                                    73,  Gary DeBock       

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