Re: County Comm GP-5/SSB ?'s- FARMERIK


Thanks for all the answers.

My main reason for wanting the GP5/SSB is for a new loop antenna I am working on, one more of dozens. Like the PL-360 it will tune the loop directly.The same jack for the little plug in loop connects the SW section to what ever loop I choose. Combined with the ETM feature for antenna tests like the midday AM station counts,  the GP5 the adds the ability to tune ALL of the SW spectrum and in SSB the Ham meter bands can be searched with ETM if I read reviews correctly. Usually I focus on a fairly narrow frequency spectrum, and have other radios with key pads.

Maybe all DSP radios do not have the frustrating problem of needing to be tuned off several 'channels' and brought back to the frequency of a TUNED in loop. That makes peaking a DSP radio to a tuned loop very difficult for me.  I have used an analog set to tune in a loop, then switched to a DSP radio, but that is cumbersome, and impossible to do the comparison ETM scans I like as well. Without modification, only the '360 & GP5 allow the direct tuning of loop antennas by the DSP radio  as far as I know. From some online source, I found the GP5 can also scan just one meter band. Not sure if that would be in ATS or ETM. That too would be great for antenna tests. With the PL-310 the SW meter band ETM scans are usually slow enough so I can take note of the number when it goes up to the next meter band, and later subtract to find the number of stations found in each SW meter band with an antenna. For example, this would tell me at what band my BOG  is no longer better than another antenna like my 50 foot aerial.


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