Medium wave DXing Report - Launceston Tasmania

Paul Blundell

Medium wave DXing Report - Launceston Tasmania

Date: 21/11/2015

Time: 16:45 – 17:30 local 

Location: Punchbowl Reserve

Radio: Tecsun PL-360 / AR1748

Total medium wave stations logged: 28

New medium wave stations logged: 0

Notes: Late yesterday afternoon my wife, daughter and I headed to the Punchbowl reserve for a BBQ picnic; I also took along my radio DX kit. While my wife was cooking some sausages I watched our daughter playing and undertook a portable DXing session. In the 45 minutes I was setup I logged 28 medium wave stations, these were logged on a mix of my stock Tecsun PL-360 and AR1748. The lower half of the band produced results as I would have expected with all my “normal” day time ground wave stations being received at fair to good signal levels. My real shock was 2RN on 1512KHz, this station came out of the noise towards the end of this DXing session with very weak radio national. This was received on my AR1748, both my PL360 and AR1733 didn’t show any trace of a signal at this time.

Overall this was a very enjoyable session at this location. With our move to the other side of the city shortly I suspect I won’t be able to get back to this location in the near future. Below is a full list oif the stations I logged.

531 3GG

540 7SD

549 2CR

558 7BU

585 7RN

594 3WV

621 3RN

630 7RN

693 3AW

738 2NR

747 7PB

756 3RN

765 2EC

774 3LO

828 3GI

855 3CR

864 7RPH

900 7AD

927 3UZ

936 7ZR

945 0_HPON

1008 0_HPON

1080 HPON - Hobart

1089 3WM

1161 7FG

1341 HPON - Geelong

1422 HPON - Melbourne

1512 2RN

Photos can be seen here: 

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