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I have yet to get one these, would be good if it had the Russian FM band on it also though I know this is pointless in the US but here in the UK often signals are heard in the 66 - 72 MHz range via Sporadic E of course (Summer months)

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I totally agree with that assessment! I nice handheld radio with precise tuning of SSB, but rather fiddly to operate, especially if you're in a hurry.

One comment on the plastic belt clip. You don't need to stick paper beneath it to help keep the radio from rocking on a tilted stand. The clip is removable, so just pop it off. Then the back of the radio is perfectly flat.


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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Yes, I've had one for several months now and really like it. FM and SW, especially SSB performance is very good. AM/MW, even withe the external plug in antenna, is good but not as good as say a stock PL380. The tuning control is a clicky type encoder and there is a fraction of a second time for it tune from the last to the next frequency. So rapidly tuning through a band won't happen. The default tuning increments, even with a slow and fast modes, does not allow rapid tuning from one place to another. For example .. quickly going from the high end of the MW BCB to the low takes many spins of the tuning control.  The memories and the two methods of scanning a band and storing the frequencies works well and helps a lot in getting from one place to another. It is solidly built and I think sounds fine for such a small unit and small speaker. Of the small radios I have, the GP5 SSB is the easiest to tune in SSB.  Except for the AM MW performance, it compares very similar in what it hears to my DE1103. Recommended.

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