Re: New Multi-Band Radio - Kaito KA268


I have the Tecsun R-9012 which sells for about $20 and it is not loaded with images like MY KA268. The KA268 has much fuller audio and other advantages. Too bad mine has so many images.The continuous tone control knob works very well.   The other Tecsun I mentioned is the R9700DX which has been in production for probably 15 years. It sells for about $60 and is dual conversion on the SW bands, and like the KA268 has much fuller audio than the R-9012.

I do not have a local transmitter anywhere near my rural location in North East USA , so that does not explain the over loading or images here. I bought the KA268 hoping for a cheap radio to have in the car for SW while my wife shops. Because I wanted portable operation, I have not experimented with some sort of RF signal cut, and it might not overload in a low signal area, or as I said mine may be defective. I did also try connecting outdoor antennas which as you would expect had even more images. One thing I noticed is the whip seems to be connected to the AM band, unlike most portables except SONY radios. So it might be a candidate for a small  tuned loop antenna. It does not have an antenna jack, but maybe a ground connection could be found.

When I have time, I'll see what I can do with my KA268.- FARMERIK

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