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John Bruckner

Ah, now you've found the difficulty in winding coils. What I do and have since I started winding, is keep a spreadsheet of what style of coil (diamondweave, basketweave,duolateral, etc.), diameter former I am using, the wire size, number of turns used for the inductance required.  Sure in the beginning, there was waste of wire but in the end it really helps.  If someone asks me for a coil at an inductance I don't have in my spreadsheet, then I still have to experiment to find that value between the ones I have on the spreadsheet.


The wire isn't wasted, I use it in other projects.





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Thanks. That calculator looks the same as calculating speaker impedance once you know what it is. What I am trying to figure is how do I wind coils to get to a target uH.

Lets say for round numbers some one reported finding 20 turns gave 20 uH and I wanted 30 uH on the same ferrite.  If the progression was linear I could just wind 30 turns. But what if the change is not linear, and adding 10 turns makes far less or far more of a difference?- FARMERIK

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