Re: Toroid Ferrite Loop Stick


Thanks- I do have an LC meter to test with. I guess my problem is I don't have accurate use of my hands or sharp vision, and my Radio repair guy, who is an expert on antique  tube equipment has never had interest in these types of antennas, so I'd have to pay him to experiment and come up with something which works. Maybe I'll ask him to wind a relatively small coil, measure it, and then decide how many to make which might add up in series near the 350 uH, but I have no idea what the number of turns I should specify for him to wind. Anyone here have a guess? If the ratio of turns to uH was linear, I would start with about half of what Everett used and go for 3 coils, to total around 350 uH, but if it is not a linear relationship, I am lost.  - FARMERIK

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