Re: Toroid Ferrite Loop Stick

Everett N4CY

It is s trial error process when using multi coils and with coils in parallel you will see a lower inductance than a single coil for the same frequency coverage. For coils in series the inductance will be about the same as a single coil. 

If you want different slide on coils you can take 1/2" thick poly foam and glue it together into cylinders using hot melt glue. The glue melts the poly enough that it will bond the two ends together. 

Everett N4CY

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As I try to read articles here, it looks like combining coils is not like combining speakers. It looks like the uH does not change the same way, and I see no obvious way to predict results at all. Is it entirely determined by experimenting and measuring uH with a meter? - FARMERIK

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