Re: Toroid Ferrite Loop Stick

Guy Atkins

One of the inductance meters I use is this this low cost, multi-function tester for only $21.97 with Amazon Prime shipping. At this price, anyone experimenting with antennas for their Ultralight radios can afford one: Yosoo GM328 LCD Display Transistor Tester ESR Meter Cymometer Square Wave Generator: Home Improvement


In the inductance range the unit measures from 0.01 mH to 20 H, and I have found it to essentially match my other inductance tester.

I've also used this for transistor identification and capacitor measuring, and it's great for that too.


Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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For approx. $100, you can buy the same meter I use, AADE IIB for measuring inductance.






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