Re: anyone using a loop for tropical bands?


RE: << Is anyone here using any type of loop antenna on the lower frequencies of SW? -FARMERIK >>

Well, I have not specifically sat a long time-and-DX tuned the "tropical band" -- but likely tuned through it...:)..

I have been experimenting in some off time using a 30 inch / 76 cm box loop antenna that I utilize for high LW and MW uses...currently mounted indoors high-up (NOT in my basement for sure), I am wanting to weather-proof the loop and someday soon mount it outside on a rotor pole at the roof eve, expecting the loop performance to be even better.
Even without specifically altering the loops LW/MW L/C,  the loop's 2 MHz through 5 MHz performance is increased over, say, a 66ft Windom dipole or even the trusted 45ft slanted T2FD that's used for 3 through 30 MHz general listening. The performance increase is a little spotty, with a peak noted here and there, and the level of increase is not "phenomenal", but averages maybe two S units on both Satellit 800 and SDR receivers.

And yes, the "rotate-ability" of the loop is most welcome, as I can usually null out / reasonably well reduce noise, sometimes affect propagation effects slightly, etc. Yet, yes, the indoor RF / EMI "pollution" is low-to-moderate as well.

Finally, more because I am used to it more, I run coax from the loop to receivers, with an optional earth ground to judge effects of grounding the loop. 

Hope this is useful report...

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA


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