Re: Toroid Ferrite Loop Stick


Sounds like it should make a very interesting antenna for me. I should have enough 660/46 Litz left over from the special low uH antenna for the Fisher AM 80 which I am having made on a 12 inch X 1/2 inch ferrite. I sent your article from this site regarding multi coil antennas and Polydorf. I hope to get him to wind at least two coils I can parallel for a reasonable number of turns at around only  46 uH total for the Fisher. If he does that, I could also connect them in series for the Tropical bands + tuned with a cap.

If that works well, I may ask him to separate the toroids and space them apart with separate coils to see if it is more directional, but that is just a wild guess that it might be. Anyone have ideas about that?

I did not bother make a bid for a lower price.


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