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...and now we are even getting picture attachments.
How do you do it?   And : will it last???

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I just finished experimenting with a loop stick made up of 12 each 61 mix toroids. (The toroids are 2" in dia, with a 1" dia hole and are 3/4" thick). I slipped them onto a 1" dowel rod, thus ending up with a 9" long rod.
I covered the rod with 1/2" Poly foam, thus ending with a 3" dia. I then wound the loop stick with 26 turns of 660/46 Litz wire, ending up with a inductance of 212uH. Using one of the 8:1, 365 pf variable capacitors I was able to tune both to both ends of the AM BC band.
Using a Tecsun PL-660 radio I compared the loop stick to, my very high performance, 1 meter loop using several daytime stations. The loop stick performed as well, if not somewhat better, than the 1 Meter air loop. I was able to couple up very nicely to the loop stick with the radio 4" to 5" away. I was very impressed with the performance of the loop stick 
You can find the toroids on ebay and if you make a reasonable offer to the guy for several of them he will give you a better price than his listed price. I would think that 10 of them would make a very nice ferrite loop.
Everett N8CNP

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