Re: Sangean ATS-405 thoughts?

Paul S. in CT

Thoughts recently on my ATS-405...

Power outage here locally for about one hour at night a few days ago. I got the chance to test the radio w/o local QRM/N. This is a quiet set, only iBOC hiss heard +/- one station from target. The birdies on this set are confirmed without question at 803/1605 kHz. The 1605 is broad banded in the X band being heard on 1620 kHz, but due to competing RF signal, barely heard 1590/80 kHz.

General radio settings;
Soft Mute = off
Tone = News
BW = medium
AGC = Normal
DX = Yes
T-Mute = Off
Squelch = Off

Again certain other qualities and functions of other radios like the G5/E5/1103 make for a better value at price. And we're not talking an UL set, but this might be a glimpse of the UL-future.

Paul S. in CT

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