Puyallup, WA Ultralight TP's for 11-2

Gary DeBock

Asian signals were once again strong and diverse this morning with the Japanese big guns leading the show. Several second tier Asians sounded pretty healthy in the predawn darkness but took a major hit from the negative sunrise enhancement, while the NHK big guns seemed to cruise on without much of a change.
At my 1400 start time the predawn propagation was already the best of the entire session, with S9 signals in and out on 594, 693, 747 and 774, good signals from 828, 972, the 1053-Jammer and 1566, and the seasonal best signal from 558-HLQH (fair). There were also fair signals in and out from a whole collection of second-tier Asians, including 603-HLSA, 657-Pyongyang, 738-BEL2, the 1035-CNR1 synchros, 1134-JOQR and 1323-CRI. The session seemed very promising until about 1420, when it became obvious that the increasing daylight was decreasing the number of Asians. By 1440 it was mostly the Japanese big guns ands 972-HLCA left around to finish off the session, with 594 and 747 continuing S9 runs right up until 1450. The daylight collapse of stations like 657-Pyongyang and 738-BEL2 was pretty dramatic, and once again reinforced the dicey reliability of late season sunrise propagation. Despite this the strength and variety of the second-tier Asians in the predawn darkness was far above average for this lackluster season, and made the session pretty interesting overall.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight +
15" FSL antenna

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