New Ultralight radio catch, US State # 42 for the Ultralight logbook

Allen Willie

Hello To All

New catch ,  US state # 42 on Ultralight radio early yesterday morning. 

1330 khz - KNSS - Wichita, Kansas 8:25 UTC 10/30/15 w/ " Coast to Coast AM" program then into promos and PSA's , " Newstalk 13-30 KNSS " ID followed by news and then return to "Coast to Coast " program

This catch was possible due to usually heard WRCA in Waltham, Massachusetts being temporarily off for a length of time.

Ultralight Station # 1333     US State # 42 on ULR

Receiver : Sony SRF - M37W barefoot

Good DX to All

Allen Willie VOPC1AA
Carbonear, Newfoundland
47'44"15N 53'11"46W

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