Puyallup, WA TP Carriers for 10-28

Gary DeBock

Asian conditions took a nosedive this morning as even decent carriers were tough to find. A band check at 1330 revealed only an anemic carrier on 972, with ghostly ones on 1053 and 1566. Increasing daylight at 1405 brought the 972 carrier up to a moderate level, but sank the ones on 1053 and 1566. The 972 carrier might even have reached ghostly audio for a few seconds after that if someone was inclined to stick around and wait for it-- which I definitely wasn't. Usually a clunker band here includes some type of carrier from 738-Tahiti, but even that was too much to ask for this morning. The clunker session at this lackluster location could well indicate a productive DU morning in Victoria.
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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