Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


That is one I don't have [yet]. It looks nice though. All my SONY radios are very good on battery life, and the ones which come with SONY  batteries, those cells seem to last forever. If you go to one of the SONY Corp.  sites for different continents, they always list battery life on each band in the SPECS sections , some times for both Alkaline and 'regular' batteries. It looks like this new line may replace a number of SONY models. I could not find ANY Walkman radios on SONY USA recently, but maybe I missed them. The P26 is a little larger than the Walkmans, but shirt pocket size, and the newest tiny SONY speakers are better than before.

My ICF-B08 has a speaker opening only about 1 and 1/4 inches, but the sound is not nearly as bad as I expected. That is the wind up / USB charger / LED flashlight or area light / AM FM radio with USA tuning ranges. Lots of other versions on eBay with different  tuning ranges, some have solar cells on top instead of an area LED light. Too thick to be an ULR, like the P26, but about 3X5 inches. Since I had the ICF-B08 out, I plugged in stereo head phones and both channels work, so these new models are not the first SONY portables to have stereo compatible headphone jacks on mono radios as I thought.

There are just SO MANY SONY portables in production, I know I'll never have more than a small % of them.


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