Re: Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


Only the PL-310ET has the Easy Tuning Method scanning built in. Last time I did both a manually tuned AM 'scan' and used the ETM feature  with the PL-310ET and there was not a big difference in results. So I just did the one PL-310 ETM scan for comparison because I figure band conditions could be different on different days.

Remember this is just a quick test, so all results could be + or - maybe 10%?

I listed them in the order I did the scans too.  If I was focused on fewer radios the scans would be closer in time. Probably would not make much difference. 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM is all Midday.

The three new SONY radio models with extremely similar specs are looking promising. Unfortunately only the smallest, the P26 should qualify as an ULR. In the evening I definitely  hear more on the largest of the three, the ICF-306. The mid size P36 is still on its way from the UK. I will compare those three if there seems to be any interest. I still can not figure out exactly what is different about them as I tune from station to station.


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