Mid day Quick shoot out-FARMERIK


Just a 'quick' AM scan comparison from the same spot in my radio room with the radios held in the same direction just to be fair. All 'understandable' stations counted, which is subjective. I did not take the time to slowly  turn 90 degrees on each frequency  and get more stations. Testing both analog and digitally tuned radios would have been hard not to miss some without taking hours to complete the test when band conditions might have changed. This took about 1.5 hours 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM local time Mon 26 Oct 2015.

PL-310ET auto scan=16
CC Pocket=13
SONY ICF-M260=32

Just to describe the SONY models-

ICF-M260 On the market for years, digital. Selectivity not good as strong stations can be heard 10 KHz away. I was surprised how well it did. It is just about the max size for an ULR. Around $40

ICR-P15 acts completely analog, AM band only, sold in Japan for at least a few years and some times seen on eBay around $30 Shirt pocket size well under 20 CID.

ICF-P26 This is a new model sold in Europe and Asia and listed on SONY USA. eBay under $25.


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