Re: Tecsun PL-360 Commercial 200mm Plug-in Upgrade Antenna


Tony brought his PL-360 yesterday and I had a chance to both see and use it.   It works well and in his case, the nulling capabilities are impressive.  The antenna was able to change azimuth's quite easily so perhaps a brake mechanism would be a worthy addition.

I have a spare 7.5" Amidon ferrite bar.  Guy, are you shooting in the way of coil impedance?   Perhaps the same as on the PL-380 project?.... was it 552 mh?

My next project is going to add a 1/8" female, stereo jack to the C. Crane Skywave to input a crate loop.  When the loop's tuning capacitor is fully unmeshed, I connect the modified PL-310 to the Loop VIA the now modified for MW, antenna input on the radio VIA a 12" piece of separated, very flexible, speaker wire.  An 18"/ side Crate Loop outperforms the signal catching ability of a PL-380 w/ 7.5" ferrite combo consistently by 10db.   The Skywave is, IMHO a much more "listenable" radio with its 3rd (or 4th?) generation DSP chip.

Good day to all!

Chuck Rippel

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