Re: Sony ICF-P26


Sorry, no with my hands as they are, I am lucky if I don't drop it, and can change the batteries. The only visible screw on the outside of the case is at the whip antenna base. Looks to be glued shut.

I am also wondering if it has DSP. No trouble tuning the analog radio like the KA321 had, but the AVC is extremely close. What I mean is there is almost no difference in how loud the radio sounds on weak and distant stations and local powerhouses. Like the PL-310, you set the volume once, and seldom adjust it after. It also 'sounds' like a DSP radio, less noise of some types I guess, but it is hard to say. I was thinking of asking for clues that a radio is DSP?  It tunes like analog.

Being a SONY product, and the fact SONY has been making IC chips for a very long time, I would expect these radios to use SONY chips. So possibly SONY is using using something like DSP?

It is on the SONY USA site without a price. I expect it will be found at corner drug stores soon. I do not see any Walkman radios at SONY USA. The one I got from NYC on eBay tunes up to 17, but most of the photos show ones which only tune to 16, and that is what is shown on the SONY EU site. - FARMERIK

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