Re: Tecsun PL-360 Commercial 200mm Plug-in Upgrade Antenna

Tony Germanotta

I don't know how he did his, but I replaced the short ferrite in mine by opening the plastic cover and carefully unwinding the existing litz leaving it attached to the mini plug. 

Then I put a paper sleeve (reversed masking tape, sticky side up) on the end of a longer ferrite of the same width and rewrapped the original wire on this sleeve. 

Be careful not to do it too tightly, or you won't be able to slide the coil to the center once wound. When you finish, you slide the coil to the center (or off center if you prefer) and reassemble the plastic shell, which will include the plug. The end caps can either be drilled out to allow the longer ferrite to protrude, or you can do what I did: just use electrical tape to keep it all together. That also allows you to give a layer of protection to the protruding bare ferrite. 

The result is much more signal, and I like the ability to spin the antenna while holding the radio facing me. My ferrite is about 6 inches long. I had it in a parts box. I thought about using a longer one, but there is a law of diminishing returns at work here. Another 6 inches would be much more expensive, fragile and probably only a fraction more effective. Once you get beyond signal to noise floor, more antenna is just equal to adding volume. 

I also considered using better litz, but there isn't a lot of room inside the form for thicker wire. It's a compromise, but so is the radio. I use my PL 310 for more critical listening anyway. The band width selection helps so much. 

I did the antenna input jack mod on the PL 310, using the unused half of the stereo input to bypass the on board ferrite and allow the chip to tune outboard loops. So for tough conditions I use that radio and a series of air core MW and LW loops. 

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I was surprised how strong the signals were with out either ferrite antenna plugged in.

I also wondered if he just glues short ferrite to each side of the factory antenna. From the picture, it does not look exactly centered, but that could be camera angle.  How ever it was done, it certainly improved the RSSI numbers and audio. - FARMERIK

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