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Look here for the ebay listings -

Sony ICF-306 Black 2-Band AM/FM Travel Portable Radio New



eBay item number:
I have that one.

Sony ICF-P36 Black 2-Band AM/FM Travel Portable Radio New


or -

eBay item number:

These two are horizontal. All three have the two LED indicators, BATT & TUNE, the 100mW output and are compatible with stereo headphones, ie sounds comes out of both ear pieces. Speakers are larger in the larger cabinets, but the circuitry could all be the same. Hopefully the ferrite is longer in the larger cases too. The ICF-306 has very good audio for its size. It uses a 66 mm speaker which is the same size as the ICF-SW-11 but the audio is better to my ear. Virtually no noises, whistles or whines  between stations unless very close to an RFI source which is par for a SONY. The tuning is a thumb wheel on top, not the knob on the side. It can travel about 3/4 inch per 'pass' and it takes 10 times to get across the bands. - FARMERIK

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I've seen a horizontal version of this radio in a shop


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I see Sony has a new ultralight radio. Here's the Amazon link for the ICF-P26> Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio (Black): Electronics Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio (Bla...
Enjoy AM and FM radio virtually anywhere with the Sony ICF-P26 Portable AM/FM Radio. You can use the built-in 100mW speaker or attach headphones to the 1/...
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I'm wondering how it's reception is compared to a SRF-59.



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