Re: Steve R., Eversharp, et al Ferrite antenna? - FARMERIK


As I was just looking on eBay I found a photo of a Fisher AM loop in this listing for the AM FM 80 T version-

Fisher 80-T Tuner with wood case and manual


The 80 T only has two AM selectivity settings, not three like the AM 80. All three are well chosen.

I have ordered the Amidon 12 inch ferrite. Still looking at Litz. I think # 46 wire is right for AM BCB, still have to choose how many conductors.

For the air core loop I plan to have my 4 foot LW loop cut down to 38 inches which is supposed to be 47.5 uH with 4 turns 3/4 inch apart. I'll have it set up so it could have part of another turn for final matching.

If I want to use either resonated to a regular radio  antenna input,  according to the loop calculator I used, my cap with a 6:1 reduction would tune them from about 1200 Kc to 7.4 Mc. Then the Litz high Q would work.

Yes, I know the Fisher is definitely not a ULR, but here are the most experienced ferrite and air core loop makers I know.


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