Loopstick follow up question

Richard Jones

While on the subject of ferrite loopstick antennas, I have built a tuned ferrite loopstick antenna much like the ones that can be bought commercially. Electrically, VERY much like the commercially available ones! My design uses a very high impedance balanced FET amplifier being fed directly from an isolated resonant LC tank consisting of a loopstick/ variable cap. It works pretty well. Changeable loop elements and all.
As I endeavor to make a Stormwise version of this antenna I want to clear up the two ways to use a loopstick with a preamp.
The direct coupled method is one way but the other (more common) way I've seen is to wind a second loop on the ferrite to tap off the signal. There is no reason I couldn't use that as a drive for a FET amplifier (I guess). I'm just wondering what are the advantages/ disadvantages of the two techniques? Anybody have any thoughts on this? Any web links that address this? Thanks!

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