Re: Fixed Level Recording Output for SiLabs-Based DSP Radios

Guy Atkins

Hi Oliver,

This mod is very useful for its convenience of not having to worry about level setting. Not all DSP portables have digital step-controlled volume; not needing a Y-splitter OR having to stop listening to a signal while you route the audio to a recorder is a plus.

I'm speaking from the viewpoint of a DXer who wants to keep listening and digging for an ID while recording at the same time (without the chance of overloading a recorder). Also, at the ocean cliffs it can be noisy with the sound of wind and waves, even using noise-cancelling headphones. The tendency is to crank up the volume for weak DX when trying to concentrate over the din. If I was using the typical Y-splitter there's more chance of capturing overloaded, distorted audio.

I've used the small patch cords with integral volume control before when recording downstream from the Y-splitter, but that's just another control to worry about. Plus the level still varies with adjustments of the volume knob. 

This mod avoids any chance of recording issues when DXing under changing signal conditions and volume settings. However, it's not really needed if all you want to do is record a favorite radio show or similar... your method would work fine.

Guy Atkins
Puyallup, WA

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