Re: Lower RFI TV, LED or LCD Screen or something else???


RE: << So-called LED TVs are LCD with an LED backlight. Older LCD TVs used a fluorescent backlight.... >>

Technically, yes. However the industry, users, even engineers at one time or another drop to calling typical LCD video displays and televisions "LED", even though some for some reason many would like to see their very souls rot...but all are forgiven.

Many OEM's call them LED televisions, as too many humans are alive that remember the now older LCD screens for electronics, where the majority of those were "weak", dismal and "inferior" contrast compared to today's LCD and LCD panels with LED back-light.

In many cases, true LED panels are best suited for outdoor or very large indoor viewing, as the almost stunning brightness, contrast and other perceptual emanations would ruin ones eyes in short order.

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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