Re: Lower RFI TV, LED or LCD Screen or something else???

Gary Kinsman

So-called LED TVs are LCD with an LED backlight. Older LCD TVs used a fluorescent backlight.

LCD TVs generally have lower RFI than plasma TVs. Fortunately for radio listeners, plasma TVs seem to be going away, although they generally offer better video performance than LCD TVs of the same price, especially with respect to black level.

Keep in mind that the size of a 16x9 TV must be multiplied by 0.75 to get the equivalent 4x3 TV. So a 30" 16x9 TV is equivalent to a 22.5" 4x3 TV, as far as image size (height) is concerned. A 36" 16x9 TV would have the same image height as a 27" 4x3 TV. If you're used to a 27" 4x3 TV, you may find a 30" 16x9 TV too small.

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