Re: Grundig Yacht Boy 500 / YB-500 Notes


RE: Jay << Radio is reputed to have nice audio for its size but to be a battery eater...actually that's the only negative I've every heard about it. Have you found that? >>

The YB-500 / Yacht Boy 500 WILL munch on batteries IF one leaves the BOOST on, that straps the audio pwr out to a max of  about 1W.

BOOST is best used with the 9V transformer / linear AC adapter or when powered by non-small battery sources.

BOOST being "off" isn't too bad in that the audio is thusly limited to about 400-500 mw max, then of course the three AA alkaline batteries have a propensity to last longer...:)...

Perchance of interest...Out in the field, I use a 12v-to-9v regulated cable that I snuck an added 2200uf electrolytic filter and .01 + 7809 into. Works quite nicely.

BTW, the YB-500's 9v DC-In is sensitive, or rather is the audio amp, to any remaining AC adapter hum / ripple, and even if using say a LM317 or similar regulator -- set to 9v out of course -- where the 317 totally eliminates any ripple / hum as it regulates...

... I added a 2200uf @ 25v inside the YB-500 case on the 9v leads, and hum or no hum / ripple, it's the cat's meow, and the YB-500 remains a happy camper, er, I mean receiver.

Pssst!  Jay, you never did review this somewhat surprising and perhaps interesting receiver. No time like the present or shortly thereafter (hint, hint)

Joe Rotello / Knoxville, TN / USA

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