Oregon Cliff (Rockwork 4) Ultralight DU's for 8-10 (Preliminary)

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
Although Australian signals cooled off considerably from yesterday's torrid session the Kiwis were as energetic as ever, leading to the best signal ever heard here from the 1 kW station 936-Chinese Voice in Auckland. But the real star of the session was 558-Fiji, with a potent signal around 1300 reminiscent of the old 639 transmitter a few years back. Because of travel back to the DU-DXing wasteland of Puyallup, WA this morning I'll need to post full details later, but here are a couple of MP3's.
558  Fiji   Strong Polynesian choral music at 1256
936  Chinese Voice   Auckland, NZ (1 kW) Strong Chinese female speech and music at 1327
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock DXing at Rockwork 4 with a 17" FSL)

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