Re: Kaide KK-205

Neil Goldstein

I agree fully, but it makes a great travel throwaway.  

My dad, who paid around $350 for our family business's first five function electronic calculator (a Bowmar) used to collect calculators when they started getting cheap, looking for the lowest priced ones.  It never ceased to amaze him how many there were, and the multitude of features for the money.  He had alarm clock ones, talking ones, programmable, even owned a couple of the early handheld computers (radio shack, HP, and psion).

These days the ones they sell in the dollar store do more than that old Bowmar.  I was taking Discreet Math at U Of Phoenix recently and had misplaced my scientific calculator.  I purchased a full scientific calc for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. The key layout was not the best, but it did everything I needed and then some.  It even handled linear regression.  I think I would have sent it to dad if he were still around.

I think my interest in this radio comes from him.  I'll probably grab one, and report back.

Neil Goldstein  W2NDG

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