Re: new to ultra lite dx phenomenon


SRF59's can be had at Meijers stores for $15, at ABCWarehouse
(Indiana, Ohio, Michigan) for $14. refurbed units available at
sonystyle for $9.99 with free shipping on tuesdays thru thursday.


I have posted once on the forum but this is the first time
here.I bought a Sony SRF- m37v at the local Wal-Mart (for about $30) 8
days ago.It does not do too badly on sensitivity ,but it leaves
something to be desired on selectivity close to my local WBBZ-1230
kHz.At night,i dont notice as many images.I can dx stations 20 kHz
away from WBBZ at night but not in the day.I am currently trying to
decide whether to get a second M37 v to try audio phasing or go for an
Eton E100,the Sony T-615 and/ or SRF-59.I really want to get 2 good
ultralights to try audio phasing.I have been using the M37v barefoot
for the past 7 days.I have reached my goal of logging 100 stations in
a week on this radio by reaching 101 stations.I tried to reach 25
states in 7 days but conditions last night were not good with storm
static very loud on some channels.I got to 22 states in the 7 day
period.I will try to reach the final 3 states needed to meet this
challenge within 3 days.I have also logged 5 countries so far.They are
U.S.A.,Canada,Mexico,Cuba and Turks and Caicos Islands.After i have
reached my 25 state goal,i will try out the M37v with my
Select-Antenna.I will post some of my better loggings barefoot after i
have finished with my goals.Has anyone on here tried out
state/provincial parks(inland) for dxpedition sites? How about
mountain tops?I have been thinking of going to Oklahoma,s highest
point,Black Mesa(4973 ft.) for a ham radio qrp dxpedition mainly but
also trying some mw ultralight dxing in the area.Hopefully i can do
this in September or October when conditions are quieter.I plan to do
a little dxing at Great Salt Plains State Park(OK) in about 2
weeks.Good Dx to all !
Carl DeWhitt,
Ponca City,Oklahoma,U.S.A.

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