Re: Using a long wire aerial with the PL-360

Tony King <tonyzl@...>

Long wire to PL360. Just wrap a couple of turns of  the end of the wire around the set (in the case of the PL360 ) vertically and by induction it will transfer to the ferrite rod. 100 ft will probably overload it.

Or make a small coupler. The wire goes to a variable tuning condensor (the veins), connects then to one end of a hand wound coil on an external ferrite rod. The condensor tunes the incoming signal to a peak. The condensor "frame" is earthed as is the far end of the coil wire.  I use this arrangement from a 55 ft  EWE antenna on the PL380  and can get peaks in the  db dbu panel of over 4000 on US Stations.    5kw from Cajamarca Peru on 1540 around 2.a.m. PST has been my latest catch thanks to recent auroral activity.


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