Re: Some more "Midnight Sun Ultralight DX:ing"!

Hans Ostnell

Many thanks, Gary!

Yes, I've been following your last expedition to Rockwork 4 closely, and been studying your logs with envy, hi! I must admit, that DXing the mediumwave band in the beginning and mid July, is a totally new experience for me, since we have 100% daylight and the sun is above the horizon 24/7 until the end of this month. And, if I hadn't been trying the FSL last weekend, I would more or less still have beleived that the band is totally dead up here this time of the year... Nothing could be more wrong. There's plenty of signals for afew hours every evening, even this time of the year - the whole matter is to use a setup sensible enough to detect them...

By the way, I'm pretty impressed of your 15" and 17" FSL:s. Do you have a good description of these antennas, as I'm planning to build a "monster size" FSL for myself.

If the A and K-indexes are favourable, I will have another go to the "DX-caravan" also next weekend.


Hans / LA2MOA

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