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Gary DeBock

Hi Hans,
Thanks for the excellent, detailed report of your CC Skywave + FSL antenna DX from your "DX Caravan" 30 km south of Vardo Island. I'm happy that you were able to track down stations like the 1 kW 1314-Radio Oltenia Craiova in Romania, and 1521-CRI. Also, your description of the salmon anglers from the rest of Europe reminded me of the "sleeping squatters" at our DXpedition site on the Oregon state coast last month, as we chased South Pacific DX from a plunging ocean side cliff (photo attached). Perseus-SDR DXers Chuck Hutton and Tom Rothlisberger were also at the site. 
Like you, I was using a "Supercharged" CC Skywave and large FSL antenna (both a 17" and 15" model), and had a lot of fun with their excellent performance. The best DX was probably the 1 kW station 936-Chinese Voice in Auckland, New Zealand, at 11,031 km-- surprisingly strong for such low-power.
Thanks again for sharing your DXing success!
73 and Best Wishes,
Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA) 

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Hi again!

Well, I couldn't resist the temptation to pay another visit to my "DX Caravan", located some 30 km south of Vardo island, on the mainland, about 200 meters from the Komgvaer River. A very nice and quiet location, although the area right now is populated by numerous "hords" of salmon-anglers from all of Europe, who travels up here to do some really serious fly-fishing - hoping to catch one or two of our world famous arctic salmons (and they do - lots of them!). I will have my fair share of fly-fishing in late August, right before the season ends and most of the tourists have went back home - leaving the best catches for us "locals". Still waiting to catch that monster "mother of all arctic salmons"... pretty sure I will get it this year (something I say every year) ;)

So, armed with my 12" x 7.5" FSL and my brand new and supercharged Skywave CC, I went down there on the friday afternoon, and stayed for two evenings. A-index was 25 and K-index was 1, the geomagnetic field was reported to be very quiet, so I had good confidence to receive some signals also this weekend. The Skywave CC (more about that onen in a later posting) worked like a charm, teamed up with the FSL. As a recerence, I had attached my Wellbrook ALA-1530 on a camera tripod, some 20 meters from the caravan and connected the coax to my trusty old ICF-2010. Yet again, I noticed that the FSL and ultralight receiver easily outperformed the ALA-1530/ICF-2010 combo on all signals! Actually, weaker signals on the FSL was not there at all on the ALA-1530. No, the Wellbrook antenna works according to it's specs, but it seems that the FSL is much more sensitive...

Well, during the two evenings, I heard the usual bunch of Iranians and a lot of other stations from the middle east. Also some European signals later in the evenings, and among those I must mention Radio Oltenia Craiova, a small 1 kW station in Romania on 1314 kHz, which came up with a very nice ID at 21:41 UTC friday evening. This was a big surprise for me, and an all time new one as well. I've heard other romanian stations on 1314 kHz before, but never this one - it's usually Antena Satelor of Radio Romania Actualitate which is heard on this frequency. Also worth to mention, is China Radio International and their Xinjiang-transmitter on 1521 kHz, which was logged already at 19:00 UTC friday evening. I have never heard this station that early on the season, one month before the season actually starts. Nothing at all on ALA-1530/ICF-2010, but a pleasant signal on the FSL/Skywave CC combo. Strange... or..?

Here's the complete log from the two evenings:

10.07.2015 19:00:00 1521 China Radio Int., Ürümqi XJ China 35333 A-index: 25, K-index: 1. Very quiet

19:25:00 1413 BBC World Sce., A-Seela, Oman Oman 43433 QRM Vesti FM

19:30:00 1368 IRIB Radio Golestan, Gonbad Iran 45433 Local ID!

19:58:00 1269 Radio Asia, Ras al-Khaimah UAE 45433

20:00:00 1233 TWR, Cape Greco Cyprus 45433 Arabic

20:05:00 1215 IRIB Radio Mazandaran, Chalus Iran 35333 Phone-in programme

20:10:00 1188 IRIB Radio Payam, Tehran Iran 45444

20:15:00 1152 Voice of Kerala, Ras al-Khaimah UAE 45444 Lankesian programming and music.

20:30:00 1035 Radio Eli, Tartus Estonia 35433 Religious programmin in russian

20:40:00 918 Radio Mayak, Makhachkala, Dagestan Russia 35333

21:00:00 1593 Radio Romania Actualitate, Ion orvin Romania 34333

21:10:00 1557 France Inter, Nice France 35333

21:26:00 1458 Radio Romania Actualitate, Constanta Romania 35433

21:35:00 1404 ERT, Komitini Greece 34333 No local programming at this time

21:41:00 1314 Radio Oltenia-Craiova, Craiova Romania 34333 Surprise! Only 1 kW!! Good ID on rec.

22:15:00 1296 SRTC Sudan Radio, Reiba Sudan 45433 Very nice with vernacular music
11.07.2015 19:15:00 1548 TWR Europe, Grigoriupol Moldova 45444 Religious program in romanian

19:25:00 1440 SBC Radio, Ras-el-Zawr Saudi Arabia 45444 Recitation from the Quran

19:35:00 1377 TWR Asia, Gavar Armenia 45444 Arabic programming

19:55:00 1539 IRIB Radio Golestan, Gorgan Iran 34433

19:57:00 1512 IRIB Radio Ardabil, Ardabil Iran 34433

20:25:00 936 IRIB Radio Markaze Azerbaijaneh, Gharb Iran 45444 Big signal! Ex IRIB Urumiyeh

20:33:00 747 IRIB Radio Iran, Gonbad Iran 45444 Strong! No local programming here

20:35:00 702 VOIRI, Kiashahr Iran 35433 Ext. Sce. In central asian language

20:45:00 1593 Radio Sawa, Umm-al Rimam Kuwait 34333 Used to be VoA here, now Sawa

21:25:00 1098 SBC Radio, Damman Saudi Arabia 35433 Spoken words

21:49:00 1332 Radio Romania Actualitate, Galati Romania 45444 Huge signal!

22:15:00 1278 France Bleu, Strasbourg France 34433 Played «Mambo No. 5».

22:20:00 1233 Radio Dechovka, Libeznice Czech Republic 33333 Usual polka music. QRM Cape Greco

22:25:00 981 Radio Cesky Impuls, Libeznice Czech Republic 33333 Czech popular music ans ID

22:35:00 963 Cyprus BC, Nicosia Cyprus 35333 Greek music, «zorba style»

22:55:00 1053 Radio Libya, Tripoli Libya 35333 Arabic discussion programme

23:13:00 1278 IRIB Radio Khermanshah Iran 34433 Still on, with a nice ID at this odd time

23:19:00 1170 Radio Capodistria, Trieste Slovenia 35433 «Blues Notte – Radio Capodistria»

23:45:00 1503 Radio Beograd 202, Belgrade Serbia 33333 Un-even battle with IRIB. Now 10 kW.

73's de Hans / LA2MOA
Vardo island / Komagvær
Arctic Norway
12" x 7" FSL + Skywave CC (mod.)

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