Re: What can I hear in Cuba? – Multi-band radio for receiving the news in Havana

Oliver Lomax

Go for Radio Rebelde rather than RHC... ;-) The programme is much more interesting...

On MW you should choose 10 kHz, which is the normal spacing of stations there, but it does not make much difference as the 606 can tune in 1 kHz increments anyway.



Le 11/07/2015 07:36, marcel.kunzmann@... [ultralightdx] a crit:

Thanks for your help! It really did me a huge favour!
Of course I know spanish at an advanced level (otherwise it wouldn't make any sense to study in Cuba), but I just enjoy listening to english radio stations it's just far easier and enjoyable for me to understand.

Although I really understand why Radio Havana is famous around the DX community, I like to get those suggestions how to get beyond that. I'll listen a lot to Cuban transmissions when I'll be there (it's not the first time for me in Cuba), but my plan now is to go specifically beyond that.

What is your advice to improve the reception for my Tecsun 606? I don't know how to place my wire antenna best and which setup options should I choose (9 or 10 KHz, and the other options) for best results?

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