Ultralight DXingin the midnight sun!

Hans Ostnell

Hi Group!

Last weekend I went out to my "DX-camper" located some 30 km south of Vardo, on the mainland. Armed with my Supercharged PL-380 and my 12" x 7,5" FSL, I didn't have any great expectations but on friday evening the A-index was 3 and K-index 1, so the band was quiet and I hoped that perhaps a few of the Iraninan station should make it up here - even though we still have midnight sun for yet another month or so. I was right; a couple of pretty good signals from IRIB stations, together with a few other ones from the middle east and the area around the Gulf of Arabia was logged, some with very good signals. I also noticed VoA Africa via the transmitter in Pinheira, Sao Tomé with a good signal, airing the "Music Time in Africa" show. As I tuned down the band, I noticed a station with african pop-music ("highlife-music") in a quite even battle with France Info on 1377 kHz. As I have logged Radio Free Africa in Mwanza, Tanzania on this frequency, I stayed for a while, to see if I was able to catch an ID - which I did after some five minutes or so. Between two tunes, I snugged a very nice "Radio Free Africa" voiced by a male DJ and then the afro-pop continued. Now that was quite a big surprise. As I said, I've logged this station before, but that was with a much bigger antenna, and never with an ultralight radio.

Next wvening the K-index had raised to 3, and conditions was quite poor, but still a few stations from the Middle East was heard, alhough with pretty poor signals.

Here's the log...

73's de Hans / LA2MOA
Vardo island, Arctic Norway
PL-380S, 12" x 7,5" FSL

03.07.2015 18:00:00 207 RUV 2, Eidar Iceland 35333 A-index: 3, K-index: 1

19:52:00 1575 Radio Farda, Al-Dhabaya UAE 45444

20:05:00 1539 Asianet Radio, Al-Dhabbaya UAE 45444

20:51:00 1548 Radio Sawa, Umm-al Rimam Kuwait 35433

21:03:00 1530 VoA, Pinheira Sao Tomé 35433

21:33:00 1521 SBC Radio, Riyadh Saudi Arabia 35433

21:54:00 1485 Radio Merkurs, Riga/Bolderaja Latvia 45433

22:07:00 1431 Radio Sawa, Doraleh Djibouti 35433

22:10:00 1422 DLF, Hausweiler Germany 45433

22:30:00 1413 Vesti FM, Grigoriupol Moldiva 45433

22:37:00 1377 Radio Free Africa, Mwanza Tanzania 33433 QRM de Frence Info. Big surprise!

23:10:00 1602 Scandinavian Weekend Radio, Virrat Finland 45433
04.07.2015 21:20:00 1449 VOIRI, Bandar-e Torkaman Iran 35333 A-index: 3, K-index: 3

21:34:00 1467 IRIB, Alborz Iran 35333

21:40:00 1332 IRIB Radio Tehran Iran 35333

21:52:00 1278 IRIB, Khermanshah Iran 35333

22:10:00 990 Radio Sawa, Cape Greco Cyprus 35333

22:25:00 864 ERTU Koran Programme, Santah Egypt 35333

22:35:00 1071 Radio al Nour, Tartus Syria 35333 Ramadan programming

23:05:00 1386 Radio Svoboda, Kaunas/Sitkunai Lithuania 45444

23:10:00 1512 EDR Proto Programa, Khania Greece 35333

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