Re: Kaito AN-200 Tunable Passive AM Antenna/Sony SRF-59


I have both the medium and largest tuned PK AM loops. They have much more signal than the smaller TERK and Select-a-Tenna. It is pretty much as they say, the bigger the loop, the bigger the signal. The tunable  PK loops are advertised as being 'shielded', and they are more resistant to house RFI such as from the computer I use to help ID DX stations. Both can be within arms reach in my radio room, while the smaller TERK and SAT need to be farther away or I hear computer noise. The PK's are not hard to tune in either, and there is quite a peak on frequency. My impression is if you graphed the peak, it would look like an equilateral triangle. Adjacent frequency stations can be heard at greatly reduced signal levels, but the rest of the band is silent, and the very peak IS sharp enough to favour one station on the same frequency from another, much more so than the smaller loops I mentioned.  In my mind they would graph more like a  narrow sine wave. Many of my Litz wire loops tune so sharply I need gear reduction on the cap not to miss resonance. They would graph as a narrow spike which also narrows selectivity on all but the sharpest tuning radios with VERY narrow selectivity settings. Last count I am past 20 loop antennas here. - FARMERIK

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