Re: Kaito AN-200 Tunable Passive AM Antenna/Sony SRF-59

Marc Coevoet

On 23-06-15 10:06, hans.ostnell@... [ultralightdx] wrote:
Hi Jerry!

I have no personal experience with the Sony SRF-59, but I'm the happy
owner of a Tecsun (Kaito) AN-200 passive loop antenna. This little loop
is a really good performer, inductively coupled to the ferrite loopstick
in a portable receiver. The antenna is very selective, has a very narrow
and good "null" and will give your little receiver a good signal boost.
I have logged a couple of All India Radio stations as well as
local/regional Chinese and Taiwanese stations on Mediumwave, using the
AN-200 inductively coupled to a barefoot Tecsun PL-380, a PL-310 and
Degen DE-1103.
And the wiring of the an200 s of one piece, which is not the case for antennas from Charly Hardt or

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