Re: Participating in Japanese Radio Auctions


I really appreciate the original post making us aware of this service. I have a large collection of SONY radios never offered in the USA, and often have paid as much as 2/3 the cost of the radio to get it here from Australia or the Middle East and shipping costs from Japan seem quite expensive too. So I would not expect fees + shipping  to be cheap from a bidding service in Japan. Some ebay sellers in Japan do say on there Ebay Store to contact them about other Products sold in Japan, but I have not done that yet. In the EU, I believe there is a huge Tax collected on items sold, but larger sellers seem to be able to get around collecting  that when shipping to the USA, so prices with shipping seem like bargains. Some of my Radios came from CHUMS, a large dept. store in the UK, and there are others too. Roberts has quite a number of portables not sold here. A few are rebadged  Sangean radios, but many are unique. I have the Roberts Classic 954 which I like, and happens to be in view as I type.  Off the top of my head, I don't recall radios likely to qualify as ULR from Roberts, but I collect more in the 'lunch box' size range of entertainment portables. - FARMERIK

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