Re: Tecsun PL880

Troy Riedel


This is only semi-related to Sarmento's post ...

As shortwave stations have waned, I've become more interested in AM DX & I joined this group less than 6-months ago.  I receive & read the daily postings (I've always had interest in pulling-in that distant AM station since childhood).  I have five "pocket portable", "compact portable" and "portable" shortwave receivers but none would meet the group's ultralight definition.  I'd disagree that my G6 Aviator is an ultralight as I don't use SSB for AM DX (I tried after reading the group's definition and I didn't find it helped) - and I paid under $100 for it new but I won't argue that the MSRP was over $100 when released, yada yada yada (no debate necessary - I've read the old posts re: the G6 debate ... there were several from a couple of years ago so I'm caught-up re: the history so no need to re-visit "why", I'm up-to-speed).

Anyway, I have a difficult time understanding the "Unlimited" category.  Or maybe more succinctly maybe it's the allure?  Maybe a DX-pedition would change my mind?  But when you start adding/modifying with extra antennas ... especially four-foot high pvc platforms with hundreds of feet of wire (or more?), that's still an [Unlimited] "Ultralight" but a G6 unaided [stock OEM antenna] pulling-in a 1500-2000 mile away AM station still doesn't qualify as a [Barefoot] Ultralight seems strange.

I don't want to cause a long or even a short debate (especially an argument!).  It's more a respectful observation/opinion I suppose.  I very much enjoy the daily emails, I learn a lot from the group (that I must move to the Bay of Fundy on the East Coast to get the best DX) and I marvel at what everyone has accomplished - even the four-foot high monster contraptions via the youtube vids!  But I can still enjoy my G6 Aviator, Tecsun PL-390, and my other three pocket/compact portables and I suggest Sarmento and others enjoy their Tecsuns and other small radios and log their accomplishments with or without Ultralight "validation".



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