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Yes, the old loopstick is now taking up space in my junk box. I would
note that John Bryant kindly put one of the "real" loopsticks in my older
e100 a few months ago, which he had removed from his now-Slider unit, so
you could do that as well if you're stuck with one of the older versions.
With all the sliders now being created, there must be a burgeoning market
of displaced stock ferrites!


Hi Chris,

Great work on getting your bargain E100 ready for exciting

Some very early serial # E100's have a loopstick which is fixed, and
not designed to be peaked at the 600 kHz point. These usually come
with jumbled and/or mangled coil windings, exactly as you described.
Schanilec sent me one of these a year ago for alignment, but all I could
was adjust the 1400 kHz trimmer, and ignore the lame loopstick.

Even in such a situation, the E100 will still receive great DX,
especially on the high end of the AM band. And should you choose to
install a
Slider loopstick at a later date, not only would your radio be a perfect
for a "transplant operation," but your model would receive a greater DX
performance boost from the Slider than would any other type of stock
Kevin's old E100 unit now has a Slider loopstick which he built himself,
and the
old lame loopstick has presumably been retired.

73, Gary DeBock

In a message dated 2/10/2009 10:35:24 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
chris@... writes:

First off, Thank you to John B. for inviting me to this cool group.
Secondly, if I'm going to join this group, I ought to purchase an
ultralight. So, last week the opportunity presented itself on Ebay. It
an Eton E100 which had a speaker that didn't work and shortwave was
much non-existant. Perhaps some of you saw the auction or even bid on it.
Time ticking away with a few seconds left, I purchased (ie: "sniped")
little radio at $14.52. I didn't need shortwave to DX mediumwave BCB and
almost never use an external speaker. So it was a good deal.

The radio worked well! The Cuban Reloj was heard on 570, 790, and 870
without any external antenna. Pretty good for out west! Could this radio
possibly perform better? After asking myself that very question, I got
online and downloaded the alignment article by John and Gary. After
the radio, I noticed the picture didn't quite match what I saw. There was
wire between the whip and the circuit board. None! That explains why
shortwave didn't work. Not only that, there was no evidence a wire had
been installed!

As far as the speaker, the red wire worked itself loose. Aha! Well, that
wasn't the problem. I replaced the red wire with a black wire (egad!)
all I had was black wire. The connection is labelled on the speaker
I then checked for shorted connections, ohmed the wires to the circuit
and found they are connected. Ohming between the + and - terminals of the
speaker showed wide open. If a speaker is akin to a coil of wire,
I expect a DC short? I moved on to alignment...

The slider portion of the coil had some disturbed wires in the center. I
don't want to use the word "mangled", but "mangled" may not be far off
what I saw as a matter of perception. Still, I moved away some of the wax
and slid the coil as far as it would go to either direction. The big
was hand capacitance. Every time I moved the slider coil with my hand or
even put my hand near the assembly, the signal would go way up. I tried
moving the slider with a small screwdriver with the same effect, though
as pronounced. Consequently, I never found the exact spot for 600kHz and
have made low-band alignment worse. Not really a big deal as this point
the radio is a candidate for the external slider mod. This has me
though if hand capacitance will be a significant factor during post-mod
operation. Any comments or suggestions?o

For the high-band alignment, I chose 1380. Tweaking the trimmer cap
that signal substantially and made the radio perform much better on the

I put the radio back together (after adding a wire from the whip antenna
the correct place on the circuit board). Shortwave now works. The speaker
still doesn't, but that's OK. I took the radio outside away from all the
indoor computer/TV hash and pulled in a couple of normally uncommon to
stations. Very impressive! The audio sounds great on the E100, very
on the ears especially after DXing with the Drake R8 using just sideband


Chris Knight
Fort Lupton, CO

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