New Articles on Recording Audio from Ultralights Posted

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There are two new articles posted at the Ultralight Files area of  The first article posted is a great article by Brandon Jordan that outlines his use of a laptop and two simultaneous "instances" of Total Recorder stereo software to record simultaneously from FOUR barefoot ULRs. Fabulous!!!  Brandon's article was published about a week ago and has already been viewed by 71 folks.

The second article, just posted by me, is Recording Audio from Ultralight Radios: Part 1.  That part of the collective article covers the use of hand-held digital recorders to record live DX sessions. It includes brief reviews of sample equipment and should be a real assist if that approach to recording is in your future. The current prices of the recorders discussed varies from about $30 USD to about $300 USD.  Many thanks to co-authors Kevin Schanilec,  Richard Allen, Colin Newell, Mark Connelly, Kelvin, Gary Deacon and Guy Atkins!

The second part of the article will also be a collective article and will feature ideas and experiences of using laptop computers and recording software with ULRs.  That article will incorporate Brandon's work, as well, so we will have a one-stop shop for this subject.

Both Brandon's article and PART 1 are in the files area now!

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