Newfoundland Ultralight Radio Logs April 10

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

Two new entries early this morning for the Ultralight radio logbook.

1340 khz - CUBA - Radio Ciudad del Mar CMFL, Palmira tx 7:55 UTC 4/10/15 w/ Latin and Spanish vocals, Spanish talk by man, numerous mentions of Cuba, ID at 8:00 UTC

Ultralight Station # 1312 Latin Station # 290


1350 khz = CUBA - Radio Ciudad del Mar CMFL, Aguado de Pasajeros tx 7:55 UTC 4/10/15 w/ same details as above , 1340 signal heard in parallel to 1350

Ultralight Station # 1313 Latin Station # 291

( These latest additions to the logbook were from a Cuban station broadcasting with parallel frequencies right next door to each other with different transmitters. )


With the most recent solar disturbance from the sun flaring once again yesterday and today, signals this morning were significantly enhanced from a southerly direction particularly a good number of the Cuban stations heard with strength.

Receiver: Sony SRF-M37W Ultralight barefoot

Allen Willie VOPC1AA
Carbonear, Newfoundland

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