Ocean Shores, WA Ultralight TP's for 4-9

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
The second (and last) DXing session on the beach at Ocean Shores was quite a bit more interesting than yesterday's, with fairly good propagation on both the middle and high band. The low band continued to underperform, but there were multiple TP's on 1044 at 1311, a huge signal from 1206-Yanbian at 1303, and even a pesky co-channel with 1566-HLAZ (apparently Chinese) right before the Japanese program ended at 1342.
It was another clear and cold morning at the beach, with my portable TP-DXing station (Ultralight radio + 15" FSL antenna) set up about 50 feet from the salt water. Without much confidence in the flat beach's potential of providing serious DU action from 0800-1000 my start time was around 1140, by which time 1566-HLAZ's Chinese service was already building up to its usual thunderous level. No other TP was nearly as strong in the total darkness, but some interesting signals starting showing up from the CRI stations on 1017, 1044, 1206 and 1323 just after 1200. All of these except 1044 had good audio in and out, with the 10 kW 1044-KBS station seeming to dominate over CRI. The usual big guns on 1053, 1134 (JOQR), 1287, 1575 and 1593 (CNR1) were all in and out with good audio, but around 1311 an apparent Chinese station started to fight it out on 1566 with the Korean big gun HLAZ. During fades in the Japanese Christian program the UnID Chinese even managed equal strength-- although no real identity clues were gained. After HLAZ switched to its Chinese program (with a different antenna) around 1344 the mystery station tapered off down into the noise, along with most of the other Asians. By 1400 only the big guns 774-JOUB, 972-HLCA and 1566-HLAZ were still around on the wet sand, and after spending two and a half hours on the cold beach it certainly seemed like they would last a lot longer than I would. My portable DXing station was dismantled at 1410, well before 1566-HLAZ's Chinese service dropped into the noise. Overall the two day visit was interesting, with somewhat better Asian results than expected. The low band never really got untracked, however, with even 594-JOAK sounding anemic. 
1017  CRI   Changchun, China   Korean service with Chinese lessons at a good level at 1254
1044  CRI- KBS Mix    The Korean female voice having the apparent edge over its co-channel at 1311
1053  Korean Jammer    Pretty good jam session at 1232
1206  CRI  Yanbian, China   Female Korean speech and music at an awesome level at 1303
1287  JOHR   Sapporo, Japan   Japanese male and female speech at good level at 1208
1566  HLAZ   Jeju, S. Korea   The usual nuclear-powered signal during Chinese service at 1214
1566  UnID   Apparent Chinese female speech mixing with HLAZ's Japanese male speech at 1314
Same station-- this time with apparent Chinese male speech mixing with HLAZ's Japanese female speech
1575  VOA   Ban Rassom, Thailand   Male Asiatic language speech at a very good level at 1307
73 and Good DX,
Gary DeBock (DXing at Ocean Shores, WA)
7.5" loopstick C.Crane Skywave Ultralight
+15" DXpedition FSL antenna

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