Amplified SW loops-Farmerik


I just thought I'd mention two amplified SW loop antennas I have had for some time.

The first is the SONY. Mine came as an option for the ICF-SW 7600G. It tunes in steps nominally identified in whole MHz. at a remote tuning box which can be near the radio.  It is very good at reducing noise by hanging it at a window across the room from the radio which then can be near an RFI source. With the somewhat tuned amp it seems to boost both signal levels and S/N ratio . SONY does not recommend it for the simpler single conversion sets they make. Of course I had to try it on those and single conversion TECSUNS. The biggest problem is images on 60 and 75 meters, and of course it can over load but an inline 1/8th inch  'headphone' volume control works great as an RF 'gain' control to eliminate overloading.

The second amplified SW loop I have is from PK in Australia. They offered three versions, one for Ham use and two to cover different parts of SW broadcast. I got them to make me a custom one which includes the Tropical bands but does not go to the highest frequency SW bands which I seldom listen too. They lowered the range by making a bit larger diameter loop. Like my AM loops from PK it tunes with a very sharp peak which greatly reduces splatter from powerful adjacent  stations. Once again it can overload sensitive portables like the SONY, but the 'headphone' inline volume control fixes that. It tunes with continuous coverage so SW meter bands which have crept beyond the old limits and USA SW broadcasters who operate just outside the old SW meter bands are no problem. For example, 41 meters used to stop at 7.3 and later around 7.4 but now I hear signals almost to 7.6. Online there is someone with many SONY radio reviews from Europe who has retuned his SONY SW loop. I think each 'band' can be adjusted separately.That is way beyond my abilities, but some here could easily do that. The PK loops are described as a shielded and  do not hear much RFI within arms reach  to my computer and monitors.

I do have a 500 foot BOG which has more signal strength but also poorer S/N on average as the two loops on SW.  - FARMERIK

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