Re: 5 continents on E100

Gary DeBock

Hi Mark,
     Congratulations on receiving five continents on your barefoot E100 from Rockport, MA on a single day, last October.  That is phenomenal.
     Here in the northwest, South America might be barely possible once in a blue moon, but Africa is probably in the science fiction category.
     73,  Gary
In a message dated 2/9/2009 9:22:03 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, MarkWA1ION@... writes:

Five continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South
America) were logged on an non-modified barefoot Eton E100 on 8 OCT
2008 from Granite Pier (Rockport, MA) as noted
at "".

Sample (one per continent) logs below:

1422 | ALGERIA | RTA, Algiers, OCT 8 2341 - French rap music; under
Germany, on E100. [Connelly*R-MA]

1575 | UNITED ARAB EMIRATES | R. Farda, Al Dhabiya, OCT 8 2249 -
dramatic Mideast male vocal; good. + OCT 8 2350 - huge signal with
female Mideast vocal; even permitting "barefoot" reception on Eton
E100. [Connelly*R-MA]

603 | FRANCE | France Info, Lyon-Tramoyes, OCT 8 2254 - // 711 with
woman in French; under Madeira and Spain. + OCT 9 0038 - French jazz
vocal; over Spain, good on "barefoot" E100 ! [Connelly*R-MA].

North America
WBZ-1030 strongest local at 91.4 dBu (37.2 mV/m)

South America
750 | VENEZUELA | YVKS, RCR, Caracas, OCT 8 2304 - RCR ID, telephone
numbers; over CBGY. [Connelly*R-MA] At a right angle to CBGY (NE)
and WSB (SW) so always an easy E100 catch at the pier.

Australia will prove to be elusive, even on the big radios.

Mark Connelly, WA1ION

Hi John and Richard,

Thanks for your comments. I'm pretty sure Dennis Vroom has also
heard four continents on Ultralights from the northwest (North
America, Asia, Australia and Europe), just like I have. He received
Croatia-1134 last month, on a stock E100, I believe. And he received
some Japanese stations on his SRF-M37V right after I received my
first TP's on the SRF-59 (in November of 2007).

73, Gary

In a message dated 2/8/2009 3:31:17 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
bjohnorcas@... writes:
Yes, Gary,

Guy's Farda reception was extraordinary, but it is in Asia, so I
think that you are the only Ultralighter in the NW with a European
logging. Anyone else???

So, Four Continents Heard, huh???

John B.

At 05:47 PM 2/8/2009 -0500, you wrote:

Hi John,

Thanks very much for your comments, and the extremely attractive
TA DXer Award, an excellent example of your creative design ability.

Thanks also for the comments about being the first NW
Ultralighter to receive four continents. Fellow Puyallup, WA
resident Guy Atkins was the first NW Ultralighter to receive a TA,
however, with his unique reception of Radio Farda-1575 on a barefoot
SRF-39FP in Grayland, last November.

As anyone on the west coast who tried for Croatia-1134 during
the January opening will attest, the signal was strong enough to be
heard on almost any Ultralight, even a stock SRF-59. Once in a great
while, propagation seems to go completely bananas, and DXing miracles

73 and Thanks, Gary

In a message dated 2/8/2009 1:33:22 P.M. Pacific Standard Time, writes:


Gary DeBock logged Croatia 1134 on an Unlimited Class Ultralight
recently (after 0100 on January 25th, actually.) That makes him the
first NW Ultralighter to qualify as a Trans-Atlantic DXer!!! He
received the award certificate a few minutes ago.

A couple of interesting points.... Rob and I think that logging
qualifies Gary for the Four Continents Heard award for Gary (Asia,
Oceania, North America and Europe,) but he forgot to apply for it.
He'll be the first Ultralighter in the Pacific NW to garner the Four
Continent award.... something that, frankly, I did not think was
possible. Also, Brandon Jordan (Memphis) and Gary logged 1134
Croatia virtually simultaneously, while located nearly 2000 miles
apart. Who would have thunk it???

Congratulations Gary!!!

John Bryant

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